The Approach Includes

Safe Environment:
The arrangement of our classroom and its materials helps children form concepts about how the world is organized. Different symbols are displayed to form the foundation for children's emerging reading, writing and number skills.

Compassionate Teachers:
Our dedicated staff brings about a nurturing environment where children can be happy and busy pursuing their interests. The team supports children's initiatives and developing abilities, by observing and interacting at their level to understand how each child thinks and reasons. Additionally, they encourage children to solve problems with materials, turn to one another for help and collaborate in creative activities.

Joy of Learning:
Toys such as dolls, blocks, kitchen sets, large crayons, dresses, play garden tools, baskets, shape sorters, pegboards, are provided to enhance their analytical skills, broadening their spectrum to explore and experiment with their environment. Storytelling and colouring are also conducted to increase their creativity.

Enthusiasm and applause are two powerful ways to stimulate the children and the staffs never miss an opportunity of appreciating the child. Teachers regularly maintain records on children's behavior's,experiences and interests.